Castelbel Ambiente

Inspired by the idyllic landscape of the Douro valley, Castelbel Ambiente is a range of romantic and countryside inspiration that capture the aromas, colours and ambience of Portugal.

C1 0304 03

Fig & Pear

The sensuous flesh of ripe figs and crisp autumn pears are blended together in this full-bodied home fragrance

C1 1501 04

White Jasmine

Boasting an intensely floral yet delicate and sweet fragrance, this collection pays a scented tribute to one of the most iconic and beautiful flowers

C1 0701 02


Beautiful lavender flowers give name and fragrance to a relaxing, soothing scent that will help you de-stress both body and mind

C1 2118 02


A classical and romantic image that contrasts with the youthfulness of a citrusy and fresh bouquet of pomegranate and red fruits

C1 1903 01


Let yourself by swept away by this fresh, uplifting and invigorating scent with notes of lemon and a subtle woody base

C1 0105 05


A vibrant and refreshing sweet orange fragrance that truly captures the essence of a sunny summer day full of laughter

C1 0203 02

Lemon & Sage

In a perfect blend of citrusy, herbal and fresh aromatic notes, this vibrant range is ideal for kitchen use

C1 0501 02


Timeless and unique, this elegant collection is inspired by delicate rose petals, each releasing whispers of a sublime, soft floral fragrance


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