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Castelbel Pomegranate Fragrance Diffuser

C1 2125 02
C1 2125 01

Castelbel Ambiente

Castelbel Pomegranate Fragrance Diffuser

100 mL

Oil-based fragrance diffuser containing natural essential oils, carefully made to elegantly fragrance and personalise any room. It does not contain alcohol and, therefore, evaporates slowly.
Displayed in a signature bottle hand blown in Portugal by glass artisans, exclusively for the brand, it includes a stopper made of cork that should be extracted in the same way as a cork in a wine bottle (that is, by rotating it). Natural reeds included.

SCENTS: Pomegranate
C1 2105 06

Castelbel Pomegranate Soap

C1 2120 01

Castelbel Pomegranate Body Lotion
300 mL

C1 2112 01

Castelbel Pomegranate Eau de Toilette
100 mL

C1 2109 01

Castelbel Pomegranate Diffuser Refill
250 mL

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