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Castelbel Rose Candle

1 0501 castelbel rose candle 4 900x900
C1 0501 04
C1 0501 05

Castelbel Ambiente

Castelbel Rose Candle

Beautiful hand poured aromatic candle that will delicately fragrance any space with the same perfume that characterises this collection, allowing you to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to being an elegant decorative element that perfectly matches any decoration, it also makes for a much-appreciated gift.

1 0525 castelbel rose diffuser 1

Castelbel Rose Fragrance Diffuser
100 mL

1 0504 castelbel rose diffuser 250ml 1 900x900

Castelbel Rose Fragrance Diffuser
250 mL

1 0514 castelbel rose soap 40g 1 900x900

Castelbel Ambiente Rose soap

1 0505 CB Rose 150g soap 900x900

Castelbel Rose Soap

1 0500 castelbel rose soap 350g 1 900x900

Castelbel Rose Soap

1 0506 CB Rose 3x150g soap set 1 900x900

Castelbel Rose Soap Set

1 0510 castelbel rose sachet 6 900x900

Castelbel Rose Sachet

1 0502 castelbel rose drawerliner 1 900x900

Castelbel Rose Fragranced Drawer Liners

1 0503 castelbel rose roomspray 3 900x900

Castelbel Rose Room Fragrance
100 mL

1 0520 castelbel rose body lotion 1 900x900

Castelbel Rose Body Lotion
300 mL

1 0519 castelbel rose showergel 2 900x900

Castelbel Rose Hand & Body Wash
300 mL

1 0512 castelbel rose eau de toilette 1 900x900

Castelbel Rose Eau de Toilette
100 mL

C1 0522 01

Castelbel Rose Hand Cream
15 mL

C1 0518 02

Castelbel Rose Hand Cream
75 mL

1 0532 CB Rose 250mL Diffuser Refill 1 900x900 com fundo

Castelbel Rose Diffuser Refill

1 0533 CB Rose 900mL Diffuser Refill 1 900x900 com fundo

Castelbel Rose Diffuser Refill

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