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Castelbel Lavender Sachet

C1 0710 03
C1 0710 01
C1 0710 07

Castelbel Ambiente

Castelbel Lavender Sachet

With a high concentration of perfume, this fragrant sachet is manufactured with Portuguese cork and using a Castelbel exclusive technology that absorbs and releases the aroma in a slow and prolonged way. The satin ribbon is perfect to hang the sachet in the closet. However, it can also be used to fragrance suitcases, drawers or even your car.

SCENTS: Lavender
Fragrant Sachet

Castelbel White Jasmine Sachet

C1 1910 03

Castelbel Verbena Sachet

C0 2094 03

Castelbel Cheira Bem Cheira a Lisboa Sachet

C0 2095 03

Castelbel à Moda do Porto Sachet

C0 2096 03

Castelbel Vila Encantada Sintra Sachet

0 3246 Castelbel Da Linha de Cascais Sachet 900x900

Castelbel Da Linha de Cascais Sachet

C0 2663 03

Castelbel da Costa do Algarve Sachet

0 2861 02

Castelbel O Cante do Alentejo Sachet

0 2860 02

Castelbel O Fado de Coimbra Sachet

0 2859 02

Castelbel Coração do Minho Sachet

C0 2099 03

Castelbel Natural dos Açores Sachet

C0 2091 02

Castelbel Hello London Sachet

C0 2092 02

Castelbel Bonjour Paris Sachet

C0 2093 02

Castelbel Hey There New York Sachet

2 2610 PC Festive Blue Saqueta 1 900X900

Portus Cale Festive Blue fragrant sachet

2 1710 04

Portus Cale Black Edition fragrant sachet

portuscale butterflies sachet 2 1410 900x900

Portus Cale Butterflies fragrant sachet

C2 0310 02

Portus Cale Floral Toile fragrant sachet

2 2310 03

Portus Cale Gold & Blue fragrant sachet

C2 2010 01

Portus Cale Ruby Red fragrant sachet

1 2210 03

Castelbel Cotton Flower Sachet

1 2310 CB Coconut Sachet 2 900x900

Castelbel Coconut Sachet

1 0510 castelbel rose sachet 6 900x900

Castelbel Rose Sachet

2 2510 05

Portus Cale Blooming Garden fragrant sachet

C2 2410 02

Portus Cale Noble Red fragrant sachet

0 1626  Castelbel Ciao Roma Sachet 900x900

Castelbel Ciao Roma Sachet

0 1644  Castelbel Hallo Berlin Sachet 900x900

Castelbel Hallo Berlin Sachet

0 1648  Castelbel Hola Barcelona Sachet 900x900

Castelbel Hola Barcelona Sachet

0 1650  Castelbel Hello San Francisco Sachet 900x900

Castelbel Welcome to the City San Francisco Sachet

0 1724  Castelbel Hello Washington Sachet 900x900

Castelbel Welcome to the District Washington DC Sachet

0 1742  Castelbel Hello Las Vegas Sachet 900x900

Castelbel Viva Las Vegas Sachet

0 3031 Castelbel Hallo Amsterdam Sachet 900x900

Castelbel Hallo Amsterdam Sachet

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