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Castelbel White Jasmine Room Fragrance

C1 1503 02
C1 1503 01

Castelbel Ambiente

Castelbel White Jasmine Room Fragrance

100 mL

Appropriate for rapidly perfuming small spaces (such as kitchens and bathrooms), this room fragrance spray will allow you to refresh the environment and create a cosy atmosphere that suits your mood.

SCENTS: White Jasmine

Alluring and unreservedly feminine, White Jasmine is the perfect scent for those who love and appreciate a delicate, sweet floral fragrance that adds a touch of comfort and an optimistic vibe to your space.  

Room Spray
C1 0703 01

Castelbel Lavender Room Fragrance
100 mL

C1 1903 01

Castelbel Verbena Room Fragrance
100 mL

1 0503 castelbel rose roomspray 3 900x900

Castelbel Rose Room Fragrance
100 mL

C2 1703 01

Portus Cale Black Edition Room Fragrance
100 mL

C2 1403 01

Portus Cale Butterflies Room Fragrance
100 mL

2 1903 portuscale blackorchid roomspray 2 900x900

Portus Cale Black Orchid Room Fragrance
100 mL

C2 1503 01

Portus Cale Hummingbird Room Fragrance
100 mL

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