Social Impact

The contribution to equity and social justice and the importance we give to education and training, are the cornerstones of our actions in the social sphere.

Our work in this area combines social responsibility actions (more specifically, labour and environmental) with charitable actions that support institutions of diverse types, namely educational, social, community support, health, among others.


As creators of scented products celebrating and inspired by some of Portugal’s, one of our commitments is to support and promote the Portuguese economy and industry. We manufacture all our products in Portugal with Portuguese materials acquired from domestic suppliers.

Besides the hand-blown glass bottles at Marinha Grande and the handcrafted, burnt-wooden boxes made in the Douro Valley, we must not forget the Portuguese cork present in our fragrant sachets and diffuser stoppers.

This material, besides being intrinsically Portuguese, is environmentally sustainable, which is why they are ecologically responsible choices.


Our concern for the sustainability of raw materials and materials used in our products, which matches consumers’ concerns, has led us to start an important process that will be completed by the end of summer 2019.

By then, all our soaps will use ab olive and coconut oils base, thus eliminating the use of palm oil.



Social couses

Associação Bagos de Ouro

In the social and community support field, we are proud to support Bagos d'Ouro Association by donating part of sales proceeds from Portus Cale Ruby Red collection, which aims to honour Port Wine.

This Private Charity was founded in 2010. Its mission is to promote the education of disadvantaged children and young people in the Douro region and to foster their social inclusion. To learn more about Bagos d'Ouro, visit the association's website.

In addition, we regularly support a number of non-governmental institutions that work in the social, educational and health sectors. We donate items for fundraising or sponsor events held through gifts to participants.

For more information on past actions, we suggest that you visit our media room.


When it comes to education, training and research, with which we are closely connected, we collaborate with various higher education institutions, participate as speakers at events or donate gifts to speakers at scientific seminars and conferences.

More information can be obtained at press@castelbel.com.

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